Management Information the Severn Delta way

Posted by Martyn Shiner on October 5, 2011

As some of you know, I’m the FD of Severn Delta, uzERP’s sponsoring company. I thought I’d share a little about how uzERP and FOSS helps me do what my business needs me to do – in a hurry!

So, today is the 5th October – 3 working days into the new month. Those that follow me on G+ may have clocked my post on Monday 3rd about me “Doin’ accounts stuff today”. Well by close of play today I had completed:

  • Management Accounts – inc P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, source & apps etc etc etc all to full year end auditiable standard (i.e. all reconciliations on ALL control accounts, bank recs, fixed assets, stock analysis, debtors, creditors etc etc)
  • Cash flow forecast 3 months out
  • Payroll month end – P32, pension return etc
  • Intrastat & EU sales list
  • VAT return (its my quarter end after all)
  • External report to Bank and reporting accountants

We know our margins, our sales and cash position EVERY day and we relentlessly manage our cost base. I can tell you the status of every works order, purchase and sales order at any time – i.e. 24/7. Ask a question an I can give you the answer.

What you have to understand is… Severn Delta is a 40+ person, £7m turnover manufacturing company with all the complexity that entails – not some tiddly service business with 3 customers, no stock and no payroll. I have one part time accounts person and my Ops manager was on holiday (had been for two weeks).

To do all of the above I use open source tools – (SDL is an excel free zone!) and our own uzERP system. I reckon the management information I give to the business is way ahead of any business of comparable size and complexity (and a lot better than companies way bigger than us) – and I do it all for peanuts.

Now I’m not blowing my own trumpet here (as if I would), and I don’t work insane hours to achieve this, I’m just trying to illustrate what can be achieved with FOSS and a little effort.

If you want more info, just get in touch (mshiner at uzerp dot com). If you know anybody out there who wants an insight on how this could apply in their business – put them in touch with me and I’ll try to help.