For Distributors there is multi-warehousing with user defined locations that can be bin controlled if required. In addition, locations can be marked as ‘pickable’, ‘saleable’ or ‘no balance’ to manage the movement of items through the operation. Trade counter and ‘quick single item sale’ operations are available as well as consolidation of pallets for larger deliveries.

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Interface Design

uzERP is a web based application so is accessible from any PC or Mac using a browser – no client software is required. Cutting edge design using progressive disclosure provides a rich user experience with drop down menus, context sensitive defaults and lists.

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Manufacturing Organisations

In a Manufacturing environment uzERP can cope with make to stock, make to order and process type environments. There are facilities to enter multi-level product structures (BOMs), process routes and operations (including sub-contracted operations) and to ‘late configure’ at works order entry.

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Service Businesses

Service businesses can benefit from the integrated CRM and product management functionality – including the ability to book time to projects. The facility to specify a service ‘price list’ by group or customer – for example specifying hourly rates – means customers are always billed correctly for services rendered.

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