Features » Interface Design

uzERP is a web based application so is accessible from any PC or Mac using a browser – no client software is required. Cutting edge design using progressive disclosure provides a rich user experience with drop down menus, context sensitive defaults and lists.

Features of the interface

  • Clutter free workspace which avoids the use of too much ‘eye candy’
  • List based displays provide a familiar ‘spreadsheet like’ interface to data
  • Configurable and context sensitive sidebar provides access to more information or extra operations


uzLets are our take on the dashboard and ‘widget’ paradigm – they provide instant information in the form of desktop shortlists, small graphs and quick links. They are configurable by user for each module to put information right in front of your people so they can get to where they need to be quickly and easily.

Browser Based

Your users get to use the client application they are most familiar with… the browser. No more ‘F7 for more info’ or ctrl-A to add – they click on links, scroll lists and edit forms – just like other web sites. This minimises training and helps them focus on the job at hand… serving your customers.

uzERP plays nicely in standards compliant browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. It can also be deployed inside site specific browser environments such as Mozilla’s Prism for a more ‘application-like’ experience.