Although ‘Accounts’ appears in the top menu and behaves like a normal module it is in fact a ‘group container’ for all Finance related modules. uzERP includes the the following accounts modules: Asset Register, Costing, Cash Book, Purchase, Sales and General Ledgers and Tax System.

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uzERP Customer Relationship Management brings together information to allow customer facing employees in sales, customer support, and marketing to make quick, informed decisions on everything from cross-selling and upselling opportunities to target marketing strategies or competitive positioning.

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A ‘group container’ for all of the Logistics related modules such as Order Processing and Invoicing. It appears in the top menu and behaves like a normal module – permissions can be granted and ts display characteristics can be changed.

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The uzERP Manufacturing module is used where you wish to store or make items for sale or distribution. Functionality in includes works orders, bill of materials, routes, product substitution and more.

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Other Modules

uzERP contains other modules which were specifically developed to meet the needs of the project’s original sponsor, Severn Delta Limited, or are used internally by uzERP LLP. While these may prove useful, and are delivered with the system, they are not documented.

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