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The Cashbook module provides a record of the cash received and paid out within each bank account. It is fully multi-currency and closely linked to the other accounting ledgers.

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General Ledger

The General Ledger is the heart of the accounting system – it stores the chart of accounts, allocates expenses and revenue to defined periods.

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Purchase Ledger

Purchase Ledger is used to record details of financial transactions between your company and your suppliers. With it you can record supplier invoices and control their payment.

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Sales Invoicing

The Sales Invoice Register is analagous to a sales “day book” and records every invoice or credit note entered. Invoices can be entered directly into the Sales Invoicing system or can be generated from the uzERP Sales Order Processing system.

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Sales Ledger

The uzERP Sales Ledger allows you to create and maintain information about your customers. Invoices are entered in the Sales Invoice Register system when you sell goods and services and cash receipts and other credit transactions can be allocated against the invoices.

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UK VAT and Intrastat reporting is available through the tax module. The system uses a combination of user configurable tax rates and statuses to arrive at the correct tax to be paid or recovered.

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