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Sending the correct goods is obviously tremendously important for any distributor or manufacturer. The Despatch module allows for co-ordination between warehouse operations and customer service to ensure the correct goods leave the company.

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Goods Received

Deliveries from suppliers against orders raised are confirmed in the Goods Received module. A GRN record is then generated and, where appropriate, a stock transaction added.

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Purchase Invoicing

When an invoice or credit note is received it is logged in the uzERP Purchase Invoice module. It can then be “matched” with a Goods Received Note (GRN) or signed off if it is a service/utility and then posted to the purchase ledger as a valid invoice.

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Purchase Order Processing

Processing supplier purchase orders for goods and services is handled in this module. uzERP  Purchase Ordering can handle the buying of stocked lines, non-stocked but repeated purchases or one-off items.

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Sales Order Processing

The Sales Order Processing (SOP) module can be used to manage customer orders, product price lists and product selections.

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