Modules » Logistics » Purchase Order Processing

Processing supplier purchase orders for goods and services is handled in this module. uzERPĀ  Purchase Ordering can handle the buying of stocked lines, non-stocked but repeated purchases or one-off items.

Features of the module

  • Add, update or cancel orders or lines
  • Change status
  • Revise due dates
  • Orders can be printed or sent via fax, EDI or email
  • Multiple delivery points are available and these can be defaulted by supplier.
  • Authorisation matrix


Buying the correct items at the correct price is always a challenge so there are uzLETS to create a purchasing dashboard as follows:

  • Orders Awaiting Authorisation
  • Orders With No Authorisor
  • Purchase Orders Not Acknowledged
  • Purchase Orders Due Today
  • Overdue Purchase Orders
  • Purchases By Value Received