uzERP 1.6

uzERP is now hosted on GitHub

Download uzERP 1.6 from GitHub


  • Setting a custom theme now uses that theme instead of the default
  • Sales order add-line was showing multiple prices for an item
  • LDAP login fails if user or system company access disabled


  • Allow Sales Invoices to be allocated to Projects and Tasks
  • Works order view from Projects
  • Add audit fields to projects
  • Add the ability to purchase orders and invoices from a task
  • New injector classes for optional LDAP authentication with Apache
  • Add a notes field to sales order line input. Not printed on outputs by default
  • Purchase orders can be linked to a sales order
  • Purchase order delivery address can be sourced from a linked sales order, for output only
  • Despatch notes can be creted for non-stock product lines
  • Products can be marked as ‘not despatchable’, i.e. thier product lines can’t be added to despatch notes
  • Sales order lines can be released and added to a despatch note for the sales order sidebar
  • Purchase order schedule document print
  • Site-wide preference to list all purchase orders, instead of only those raised by the logged in user.
  • Improvements to CRM Activities
  • Statement date and page shown in cashbook transactions view
  • Sales orders/quotes list and ‘new’ action from Person side-bar


  • Simplify template for getting opportunity details from a project
  • Phinx migrations moved to schema/phinx/migrations
  • Project Budget Controller to show budgets correctly


  • Unnecessary action in the Task sidebar removed
  • Redundant EGS reports from projects