uzERP 2014.3.6

We have made a few changes while we develop our roadmap for the future


enhancement – Show person name on Sales Quote print
bug #66 – Regression in report definitions
bug #68 – VAT totals incorrect on Sales Order Quote print
bug #69 – Error adding periodic payment for Sales/Purchase Ledger Source


enhancement – #58 Print company bank account details on pro-forma invoice
bug – #60 Broken link on view purchase order supply/demand
enhancement – #61 Show customer phone numbers on confirm sale2014.3.1
enhancement – #62 Show line due dates on sales order acknowledgement
enhancement – #64 Show sales order number on sales invoice
bug – #65 Parentheses arround address fields cause SQL error


bug #57 – Remove call by reference outside function definitions for PHP 5 compatibility


enhancement #55 – Open up project job number for editing and enhance the search options


enhancement #54 – Allow selection of a custom XSL report defintion for reports.


Add phinx for database migrations
bug #1 – Sales Order Acknowledgement Print, lines overwrite header
bug #9 – CRM Activities view loads calendar instead of activities
bug #10 – Adding a project fails due to system policy error
bug #49 – OS Value on batch payments not being set to zero