uzERP 2014.3.9

  • bug #77 Warehouse locations without GL Accounts should be visible
  • bug #76 Empty response when selecting User Space Tables from the menu
  • enhancement #75 Make admin from email address configurable
  • enhancement Changes expenses to link to make task selection dependent on project selection in expenses header
  • enhancement Add project tasks to purchase order header and make dependent on project. Also fix small annoyance where address heading incorrect on view.
  • bug Fix bug when editing a task the project should not be changed
  • enhancement Add Purchase orders sidebar link on projects
  • bug Add NOT NULL constraint on project_id column in tasks table
  • enhancement Changes to allow projects and tasks in entered purchase invoices
  • bug #71 CSV outputs are empty
  • enhancement Changes to projects module
    • Tidy up projects controller:
      Removed code for old ezPDF ‘reports’ that no longer work
      Removed deprecated actions for a project
      Changed view sidebar actions (added go to and add projects under actions)
    • Tidy up the projects entry and display screen:
      Set project identifier to be job_no+name
      Remove RAG status from view template (code left in controller as may be useful)
      Remove edit template as not required
      Update new template so can be used for edits as well
    • Minor changes to templet new.tpl
    • Update so that a project can be marked as complete and the status is
    • changed to ‘C’. Doesn’t change any other validations yet.
    • Another change to the template to get the fields in the correct order
    • Tidy up the Project Task sidebar so in the same basic order as Projects
    • Remove calendar views as they don’t currently work
    • Change the order of Project Budget Item Type to Materials, Equipment,
    • Resources, Other
    • Small change to opportunity search
    • Fixed bug re opportunity identifier field not displaying in drop down correctly
    • Change to tasks template when adding from a project
    • Fixed Bug to limit person dropdown when allocating task hours When entering task hours person dropdown now only shows people from the system company
      Note – this means that ‘non employees’ can still book hours IF they are in the system company as people.
    • Fixed Bug to limit person dropdown when setting up resource templates
    • Fixed bug on project hours total in View Poject Totals
    • Fixed bug on task hours total in View Task Totals
    • Changes to the way project module handles resources
    • Fixed bug which allowed hours with no employee also removed
    • overtime checkbox as deprecated
    • To add value to opportunities and products plus tidy up lik ‘opportunity to project’
    • Add database migration for project module updates
  • bug #70 Duplicate NI should be allowed in combination with finish date in HR – New Employee