Know your customer

If you have good data about your customer, which is possible if you have the right systems in place, you can gain valuable insights into who they are, why they buy and what you need to do to keep them coming back.

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Data Analysis and the Small Business

Even smaller businesses should regard their internally generated data as key resource that needs to be used, like any other business asset, to improve business performance.

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Integrate LibreOffice and PostgreSQL

As noted in a this post, one reason for installing uzERP is to get better information for key decision makers, many of whom like to use spreadsheets to carry out analysis or generate reports. This was also explored in a another post on csv files and LibreOffice Pivot Tables.

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LibreOffice Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are an extremely useful analysis tool - they are very flexible, powerful, and can generate valuable insights from large amounts of data if used properly. This post walks you through how to set up a Sales Ledger Receipts forecast using a Pivot Table in LibreOffice.

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Management Information

One of the major reasons for installing uzERP is to get better information for key decision makers.

This blog post looks at the many ways that uzERP provides Management Information for your business.

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