Is it really that long?

| March 4, 2019

Back in June 2012, on our old site, I wrote a blog post about the longevity of uzERP

Those of you who have some knowledge of our history will know that uzERP was born as the EGS project started by Jake Stride (he’s on twitter @Jake) when he ran Senokian Solutions in Coventry.

I was clearing out some old emails this morning and noticed a folder called EGS – the first email in that folder was dated 11th April 2006. Scrolling down I saw an email with the title “We are using it!!!” sent by me to Jake – intrigued I opened the email and the text is below


Thought you guys would like to know - we are using it!!!! - EGS 1.0 that is. I now have six users, one VERY active, two sort of active and three… well you know how it is taking horses to water. Sarah is really starting to add contacts, tasks and projects. I think we’ll need to meet up in a few weeks.

You’ll notice I’m posting to the forum so your stats will improve.

Good to see the 1.1 release and the quick responses.



This email was dated 10th May 2006.

We had installed EGS at Severn Delta Limited for CRM and project management but needed a replacement for our ERP system. Over a beer back in the summer of ’06 I wistfully floated the idea to Jake that we could collaborate on some accounting/stock modules and build them into EGS. Jake went along with it and the idea for what is now uzERP was born.

So uzERP has been nearly six years in the making.

Gosh… is it really that long?

Well…. its 2019 and uzERP has been in development for 13 years and in production use for 10….. I must be old!