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Positive Churn #2 - Cash Belongs in the Bank, Not in the Warehouse

In the second Positive Churn post, Clive Birnie takes issue with large stock (inventory) holdings being a good idea.

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Positive Churn #1 - You Can't Grow Your Way Out Of A Hole

When a business is struggling the instinct is to grow sales, but is that right? In this first post, Clive Birnie argues that you should be brave and Shrink to Survivie!

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A Manifesto for Business Improvement

Way back in 2007 my business partner, Clive Birnie, started blogging about random business stuff that came into his head under the title Positive Churn. “Cathartic” was his take on the process.

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Management Information

One of the major reasons for installing uzERP is to get better information for key decision makers.

This blog post looks at the many ways that uzERP provides Management Information for your business.

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Making Tax Digital for VAT

As far as we are aware, uzERP is the only Open Source system available that is compliant with the HMRC Making Tax Digital for VAT standard which must be used from 1st April 2019.

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Somerset Buzz

There seems to be a real buzz around doing business in Somerset at the moment…. and it’s not just from the nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point.

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Is it really that long?

Back in June 2012, on our old site, I wrote a blog post about the longevity of uzERP

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This is the first of what will be a series of blog posts on the new uzERP site.

uzERP has now been in production use for over 10 years at Severn Delta Limited but we still have loads we want to do with the system. There are a few key updates in the pipeline and I’ll share details of these here on the blog.

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