The Genghis Khan Guide To Business

By Martyn Shiner | May 28, 2019

This is another book that I believe is a must read for all Entrepreneurs.

The Genghis Khan Guide To Business is a great introduction to the ‘Financial Dynamics’ of business for Finance and Non Financial managers alike.

Back in the early ‘90s I was introduced to Brian Warnes, the author of Genghis, when he was consulting at a company where I worked. I was very, very impressed by him and his methods and I have to confess that, as a professional accountant, he changed the way I thought about financial control for manufacturing by sacrificing many of the sacred cows passed down from my formal accountancy training.

I was lucky enough to run into him again at a MARG conference in the mid 2000s and was made up by the fact that he remembered me at all. We had a wonderful chat and he was genuinely pleased to hear I’d taken on much of what we’d talked about - and that I was applying many of his ideas in my own small manufacturing business as noted here.

I had only limited time with him but found Brian to be a gentleman and an inspiration - he is, sadly, no longer with us, but his legacy lives on in the book and the effect it had on those that met him and took on board his insights.

Book Details

Very much of its time - after all it was written 35 years ago - the book is still relevant today and I believe should be made standard reading for all prospective managers in business.

Title: The Genghis Khan Guide To Business

Author: Brian CJ Warnes

Published: March 1st 1984

Publisher: Osmosis Publications

ISBN: 978-0-95094-320-6 (ISBN-10 0950943207)

If you can find the book, which is out of print but is sometimes available secondhand from Amazon, then get a copy - I guarantee that it will change your perspective on the Financial management of your business.

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