Case Study - Isedio

About Isedio Limited

Isedio was started a decade ago by Shaun Spurrell, Owner and Managing Director, to manufacture products for use in the casting of commercial and industrial concrete floors.

By the summer of 2015 the company was growing steadily, with an expanding client base in the UK and overseas buying an increasingly diverse range of products. Shaun had also taken the first steps to expanding internationally using a stockholder in the Middle East and opening an Australian subsidiary based in Sydney.

At this time the company had disparate systems with a range of spreadsheets/documents stored in a ‘folder based’ project management system, supported by a single user accounting package.

Initial requirements

It was clear to Shaun that in order to develop Isedio in the way he wanted he had to get control of the both the purchasing and sales order process so that he and his team had visibility of the forward workload and committed orders for raw materials and components.

uzERP was chosen as it offered the opportunity to implement only the Purchase and Sales Order processing initially but with an eye on integration in other areas.

The first step was to implement the order processing and inbound (goods received) and outbound logistics modules, including development of a custom document for each Sales Order - the “Instruction to Manufacture” - which allowed the company to retain the existing workflow. Once this was up and running the uzERP Project Management module was used to group both Sales and Purchase orders together allowing management to see the status of customer site based projects where multiple orders were placed.

Management reports for sales and purchases were also written which gave Shaun up to the minute information on business performance in a way not possible before.

Accounting Integration

Having grown in confidence during the first six months Isedio decided to go to the next stage and implement the Accounting module covering Sales, Purchase, General Ledgers and Cashbook.. All customers and suppliers were already on the system so the open items were added to start the process.

Having the Ledgers integrated meant that double-keying of sales and purchase invoices was no longer necessary freeing up valuable time for the Finance Manager to. On the purchasing side it also meant that invoices for goods received could be matched to the online GRN system meaning that the number of invoice queries reduced dramatically.

Implementing the cashbook module meant that daily posting of receipts/payments and, crucially, the reconciliation of bank accounts/credit card statements was implemented. In addition, having sales invoices posted automatically, meant that each customer’s account was always up to date making credit control much easier.

Management Information

Isedio have been gradually expanding uzERP so that it is now seen as the main source of information to aid running the business. uzERP provides up to the minute reporting on:

  • Sales and purchase order status;
  • Sales reports including margin analysis by customer, market, product and geographical area;
  • Order planning report (replacing manual board);
  • Project status;
  • Transport booking and costs.

Lately, by using the output from the Ledgers and committed orders from Logistics, a detailed cashflow forecast by week has been implemented giving a forward view on the cash requirements in each currency the company trades in.

Benefits, Learnings and Next Steps

  • The ability of uzERP to scale has allowed the company to grow significantly while implementing new functionality as required;
  • Improved processes has increased productivity across the business;
  • Custom reports have allowed the management team to access information directly from the system to answer fundamental questions about the business and has greatly improved decision making;
  • As a fully web based system remote users have full access to the information they need in a timely manner.

Isedio have not implemented the Manufacturing Execution system as yet - this is a live project for 2019 and will involved setting up the Stock and Works Orders system and integrating this with Logistics.

In addition we will be integrating uzERP with the T-Cards Online planning system used by Isedio.