Case Study - Severn Delta

About Severn Delta Limited

Severn Delta’s corporate beginnings, as a management buyout from a plc, meant they immediately required a level of integration and visibility unusual for an SME manufacturer.

As the leading supplier of private label laundry sheets and one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of retail quality wet wipes Severn Delta operates in two of the most competitive FMCG markets - laundry and personal care - working with some of the most demanding Retail and Brand-Owning clients in the UK and Europe. Performance against forecast is critical to delivering on-time, in-full, best in category customer service provision.

All manufacturing and core logistics takes place at their UK plant in Bridgwater, Somerset… but with sub-contract manufacturing, warehousing and global supply chains to manage, a highly scalable and visible system is needed.


uzERP works as a fully integrated system for Severn Delta, providing end-end visibility from ‘order to cash’ for sales and purchases:

  • Order processing and Product Management
  • Manufacturing execution and multi location logistics support to deliver ‘day one for day three’ delivery;
  • Full financial integration;
  • Integrated management information system providing ‘corporate’ style reporting across all business functions.

Operations & logistics

uzERP is the ‘book of record’ for the whole operation. To coin a phrase used by one employee…. “if it isn’t in uzERP, it didn’t happen.”

  • Manufacturing execution - works orders, shop floor data input supports make to forecast batch processes for all products;
  • Product structures with full costing, routing and late configuration at build;
  • Backflushing of materials at works order completion allows yield variance analysis;
  • Complex material routing with traceability of usage;
  • Shop floor performance monitoring data, including wast and OEE by cell and product stream;
  • Sub-contract operations for part processed materials;
  • Multi location warehousing with full inventory tracking;
  • Warehouse operations including Goods In and Outward Delivery scheduling.


  • Sales order processing allows tight integration with manufacturing and financial ledgers;
  • Actual data exported directly to spreadsheets based ‘Pivot Table’ reports for sales and operations forecasting;
  • Customer service module allows tracking of delivery performance and customer complaints with integrated reporting - this forms the basis of the QMS used by Severn Delta.


  • Sales and purchase ledgers flow directly from commercial and operations systems;
  • Cash Book, General ledger, VAT (MTD compliant) and Instratat are all covered;
  • Asset register with location tracking and depreciation calculations;
  • Cost tracking (std v latest) for inventory valuation;
  • HR module allows recording of all employee details including training records, holidays, absence reporting and pay rates;
  • Expense management for tracking employee expense claims.


All functions in the business use the system for information and there are many custom reports. Much of the information is delivered directly to users’ desktops via integration with spreadsheet pivot tables.

The reporting system is slick to the point that FULL management accounts, to an auditable standard, are produced within 48 hours of period end.